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With five settings between 1800 and 3800 rpm that can be adjusted

Oster Octane vs Andis Supra ZR 2 I believe it contains a 000 and POSSIBLY a 1. I cannot recall purchasing this item; it has been a while. However, given the price I paid, I am not at all pleased with this clipper. Extremely boisterous. My clientele are dissatisfied. I purchased the ANDI BRG and BRG + MuCH superior clippers. Either they have cables or they do not. In the event of an emergency, I am equipped with both corded and cordless devices. The bivalve is powered exclusively by batteries.The 2mm (00000) blade draws hair with a length of 0. Obtain only metal blades; similarly, oil can be used to repair a ceramic blade. Use every Andis blade besides 0000. Instead, use Oster 00000. Never use Oster oilThe Andis Supra ZR II Cordless 5-Speed Clipper can operate for three hours after a two-hour charge.

Due to the detachable blade design, multiple blade options are available, allowing you to achieve the ideal cut length for your aesthetic needs. The adaptability permits up to five distinct settings and is compatible with all Andis UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades. The bundle contains blade oil, a charging stand, and a charging adapter. These detachable blades are effective at removing oil and debris.Use a damp cloth to rapidly clean the blade, or use a brush to scrub it clean.If you have a dual battery charging base, you can always have a charged and ready-to-go secondary battery.Designed with a clearcoat surface to prevent fingerprints and smudges and a break-resistant, ultra-durable casing. In addition to the blade guard, cleaning supplies, and one rechargeable battery, scratch- and rust-resistant Protective CoatingTM blades in sizes 000 and 1 are also included. basis for recharging two batteries All Titan® and Classic 76® clipper blades are produced by Swiss manufacturing and engineering.The replacement of detachable blades is quick and straightforward, facilitating cleaning. Compared to attachment combs, they also provide a clean trim.Andis detachable blades are manufactured in Wisconsin using American-made high-carbon steel.

HIGH-SPEED MOTOR: With five settings between 1800 and 3800 rpm that can be adjusted, the high-speed motor provides excellent, precise performance while minimizing noise and ensuring long-term availability. Description of the product: The Andis 79005 Supra ZR II Cordless Rechargeable Trimmer weighs 2.8 pounds, has dimensions of 3.3 x 8 x 10, and includes a charging stand, a charging adapter, an additional blade drive, and blade lubricant. The lithium-ion battery is: It can be charged independently and is simple to replace. It has a 2-hour charge time and a 3-hour duration with an operational voltage range of 100–240 volts and 50–60 hertz.Oster produces the most effective hair clippers and blades. The extremely sharp blades make cutting hair an ease. When trimming hair, you will never encounter problems with hair clippers or blades jamming. The battery life is exceptional. I would purchase this trimmer in the future.


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