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I would not boil it on high in the microwave

Thermopro TP03 vs TP18 The metal probe is without a doubt waterproof. Even KY Jelly is resistant. At room temperature, the red plastic is approximately 46.7% waterproof; however, I am dubious about temperatures above that. To check the percentage, I would not boil it on HIGH in the microwave. We take reviews of our products from customers very seriously, and we’re pleased to answer any questions you may have regarding them, our warranties, or anything else. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at or 1-866-877-7977 so that we may assist you. My view is that the TP18 is a more luxury version than the TP03, and the TP18’s brilliant red display is fantastic. Yes, I have successfully used this for oil, I responded. In reality, I have accidentally deep-fried this thermometer at least three times with no adverse effects. Rapid and exact: A 4 inches food grade probe thermometer with modern thermocouple technology that provides a response time of 1-2 seconds and a wide temperature range of 14°F to 572°F guarantees an accurate temperature reading to 0.9°F. The 2014-founded company ThermoPro is committed to innovating and producing inexpensive, high-quality meat thermometers. Under the supervision of a qualified research and development team, we work diligently to provide high-performing products, which eventually results in high customer satisfaction.
We consider all user feedback in order to improve our solutions and meet client requirements. Our primary purpose is for our products to become your trusty culinary assistant! After 10 minutes of inactivity, the food thermometer is designed to save battery life and turn off automatically. The backlit LCD display of the meat thermometer makes it easy to read temperatures in either Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on your preference. Stop overcooking or undercooking your meat, attain expert meat temperatures, and barbecue or prepare with confidence every time! LED backlighting: The LCD display of the grilling thermometer is illuminated with LEDs, allowing for nighttime cooking visibility, whether indoors or out. shrewd design The display of a digital meat thermometer turns off automatically after 10 minutes; AAA batteries are required; provided. Simple-to-use kitchen thermometer with a foldable probe that is easily portable and folds away; magnetic back and hook make storage easy.
ThermoPro TP18 Rapid Meat Thermometer with Thermocouple Sensor Whether you’re grilling an expensive cut of steak or preparing a Thanksgiving turkey, it’s essential to cook the food at the proper temperature for a nutritious, tasty meal. A thermometer with a rapid reading is just what you need for this. Calibration: The calibration function of your instant thermometer restores the accuracy of the probe sensor, resulting in a thermometer that lasts a lifetime. Lock Function: When the probe is removed from the food, the digital meat thermometer can lock the current temperature and display it, so there is no need to jeopardize your safety by peering into the oven or grill. A massive illuminated screen The batteries for the thermometer are included, and it includes a 90-second auto-off feature to preserve battery life.


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