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The Pulse button gives short bursts of power that make it easy

Vitamix 5300 Vs Explorian I guess a magic bullet is the way to go if you want something really small, but I love this big jug and use it to make almond milk and other things that need a bigger jug than my small smoothie. I know I could get a smaller container if I had problems in the future, but I don’t need to do that right now because I don’t have any. Yes, I sometimes have to use a spatula to get things out, just like I did with the blendtec before. This is easy, but the blendtec left frozen pieces of fruit or ice in it, while the vitamix makes everything smooth and is quieter and stronger on the counter. I like that this machine has a 2.2 HP motor, and I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy with it, especially for the price at Costco. It can drag itself over it, but if you have a pet, be aware that pet hair tends to gather along that lip.
Ruby, my Roomba, isn’t very good at picking up things in the areas where carpet meets hardwood and hardwood meets carpet. My floors are Brazilian cherry, and I have a white swirled black area rug. The 690 has moved without any trouble at all. I’m not sure if the white swirls are making things better or not. Almost all of the carpet is black. It does sometimes go into spot cleaning mode, but it has never gotten stuck and has always cleaned the rug. The Vitamix vortex is made by folding ingredients back toward the blades at every angle of our unique container. This makes the process of blending go more quickly and smoothly. Mix a drop of dish soap with warm water at the highest speed of your machine and wait 60 seconds. It will clean itself. No matter if it’s frozen fruit, a lot of greens, or a heavy powder, our strong motors can turn it into a smooth blend year after year. Our laser-cut blades are made to give consistent, high-quality results from the first blend to the last, and they are not easy to dull or bend.
The Pulse button gives short bursts of power that make it easy to make salsas, soups, and other foods with chunky textures.I wanted to get a better blender, so I chose the Vitamix 5300. Every day, I make smoothies, so I thought the bigger motor would be best. I put either kale, spinach, or carrots in my smoothie. The smoothie does not mix well in this blender. 64-ounce Low-Profile Container: The 64-ounce Low-Profile Container is great for family dinners and parties, and it fits easily under most kitchen cabinets. 7-Year Full Warranty: We stand behind the quality of our equipment with full warranties that cover all parts, labor, and shipping both ways at no extra cost. The Pulse button gives short bursts of power that make it easy to make salsas, soups, and other foods with chunky textures. ainer is small enough to fit under most overhead cabinets, so you can keep your Vitamix out on the counter and ready to use.


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